What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of 18 units?

Accepted Solution

Answer: [tex]7776[/tex][tex]\pi units^{3}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: To find the volume of a sphere, start with the formula for the volume of sphere.Volume = [tex]\frac{4}{3} \pi r^{3}[/tex]Notice that our sphere has a radius of 18 units, so we can plug 18 into the formula.Volume = [tex](\frac{4}{3}\))\pi(18units^{3})[/tex]Now, let's start by simplifying the exponent. [tex]18^{3}[/tex] is equal to 18 units x 18 units x 18 units or 5,832 units³.Volume = [tex](\frac{4}{3}) (5,832 units^{3}) (\pi)[/tex]Notice that we can cross cancel 3 in [tex]\frac{4}{3}[/tex] and 5,832 to 1 and 1,944.Volume = [tex](4) (1,944 units^{3})(\pi)[/tex]Volume = [tex]7776[/tex][tex]\pi units^{3}[/tex]