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Invigor8 coaching brings the latest in sports science, combined with leading technology and coaching expertise to help endurance athletes train smarter and improve performance through data driven training programs incorporating individual physiological profile, metabolic and performance testing.

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I work with athletes of all abilities and ages to help them improve their performance through a science based analytical approach using the latest technology to measure oxygen consumption, energy expenditure, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and metabolism. As an exercise physiologist and health and life coach I coach people over obstacles and help them to get crystal clear on their goals and motivating factors using proven health and life coaching strategies. I also work with people who have problems losing weight by measuring their individual metabolism and determining how many calories their body needs to lose weight each week. I design individual exercise training programs based on smart goals and hold clients accountable each week to ensure success.


“I began working with Invigor8 Coaching early in 2018 with the goal to build strength. My fitness journey had been going along nicely by setting and achieving goals in the past few years culminating in running the Chevron Houston Marathon in January.

Mark was able to get me back on track by asking specific and targeted questions on what I wanted to achieve and accomplish next. Through the past several years, I had focused on running and endurance and really let my power and strength dissipate.

Mark took a strong interest in my goals and we set about a plan to achieve them. Over the next 12 weeks, I was able to see my lifts get bigger, my energy level increase and some of the mental constraints that I had subconsciously placed on myself disappear. For the first time in years, I found myself looking forward to going to the gym and seeing what I was truly capable of.

Invigor8 is not your average “coach”. There isn’t just the “Good Job” and “Atta Boys” that we all come to expect, but more of an analytical approach to fitness. Encouragement is part of the journey, but when you need to have numbers and analytics to motivate you, Invigor8 is a great step in your overall health journey!”

Mike Holterman

It has been four months since my twelve week session with Mark.

There has not been a day that I do not think about his knowledge, support encouragement, and love to help people like me to have a more healthy life.
There are days I slip, but I think of Mark and get back on track. I can still hear his voice at the end of our session ” Betty “Remember the magic plate, exercise, and DEEP BREATHS”
These have become planted in my daily life and I thank Mark for that.
He is my  Inspiration and I am sure for you,as well!”
Betty Englert

“Working with Mark at Invigor8 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  He created a programme tailored to me and worked through several techniques to help optimise the results, changing tack when I was struggling to engage with my goals and really focusing on my motivating factors and understanding what makes me tick.  This certainly wasn’t coaching by numbers!

I started the programme looking to rediscover my fitness mojo and, with Mark’s help, not only managed to do this but also make massive leaps towards wider life goals that had been gathering dust for years.  All of this happened in just 12 weeks and put me on a much more positive path.  I really can’t recommend Invigor8 highly enough – thanks Mark! 
James Simpson

“I recently did a VO2 Max test with Mark, the owner, of Invigor8 coaching and it was absolutely fascinating! Mark is clearly an effective and motivating coach, but what makes this company so competitive is the science Mark uses to show his clients what is happening to their body and muscles during physical activities at various levels.

He really goes above and beyond to explain how best to train for my specific goals. For me, I’m working on endurance, and Mark was able to explain to me where my body currently is most efficient. I’m looking forward to following his suggestions and doing this test again in a few months to see my progress! Highly recommend for anyone doing an endurance race!!”

Alexis Rose

“Signing up with Mark as my health coach was the best thing I ever did!! He inspired and motivated me to be the best version of myself just when I needed it most.

I was planning my wedding at the same time as looking after my two small children. Mark helped me to work out ways I could improve my fitness and wellbeing to get in to the best shape to be a bride!

He also worked on relaxation techniques with me, which have proved so valuable in my daily life. Mark helped me to get a fresh perspective on how I do things.

Mark has a wealth of knowledge in his field and always made me feel at ease. I feel like I can achieve anything with Mark as my coach guiding me through and helping me overcome any challenges or obstacles along the way.

Thank you Mark! I had the dream wedding day and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Suzanne Lynch

“After pacing my workouts based on self-assessed effort for years, I really enjoyed getting VO2 performance testing done through Mark!

Mark spent a lot of time explaining the theory behind each test and he summarized all data collected in a straightforward easy-to-understand report.


I received well-defined heart rate zones to target, pace recommendations, and some great training suggestions to improve my metrics.

Aside from being incredibly helpful and friendly during the testing, Mark made himself readily available to clarify any questions as they came up after the tests were complete.


All-in-all a great experience to get information about my own performance that I had been wondering about for years! ”


“Invigor8 coaching gave me the tools and techniques to stay motivated in my exercise regimen and be more aware and mindful in managing my stress to help with fat metabolism.

I needed to slow down and clean up my diet to shift excess weight and get lean. Mark was very helpful and encouraging during our time together, and helped me challenged myself to push through my weight-loss plateau.

My relationship with food improved and I learned many techniques to maintain a healthy (fit & social) balance.  I feel better, less stressed and have more energy to keep up with working full-time and balancing my busy lifestyle and looking after my kids, family and career.

I also got my metabolism tested by Mark and learned how many specific calories my body needs (on workout and rest days) to lose weight which helped me to lose a significant amount of weight and inches! No more guessing.”

Thank you Mark!
Estella D

My family found Mark, with Invigor8 Coaching, to be an effective and encouraging coach. He helped us to create new healthier habits in our family, and helped us find activities that we enjoy to keep us active. Some of the things we especially enjoyed about our experience were: the variety of things he came up with to keep us active, the friendly competition he set up to keep us motivated, and working with us on our mindset to help us stay focused on the results we want to achieve. I would highly recommend working with Mark to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Candace 44, Whitney 22, Sophia 11, Roman 8

“I started working with Mark of Invigor8 coaching over the course of 3 months or so to help me lose weight however we ended up working on so much more in other areas of my life.

Thanks to Mark’s friendly and supportive demeanor I learned to be more mindful when it came to managing my stress level and how that was connected to my bodies ability to burn fat.

I also learned what activities gave me energy and what drained me so this allowed me to plug the energy drains and spend more time recharging myself so that I could be more fully present and engaged with my family and friends.

This inspired me to set stronger boundaries in my life and stop doing things that I only did out of guilt and this gave me more energy to do the things I enjoyed doing. I was much happier and less stressed as a result of this.

Mark held me accountable each week to make healthier food choices and meal prep more often so I wasn’t tempted to make poor choices when I was hungry. We even went running together and I was inspired to push myself harder than I usually do!

Mark gave me simple tools and strategies that I used daily to keep me motivated and stay on track. I’m happy to report that I lost 5lbs and I lost inches and body fat! I recommend Invigor8 coaching to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up and get healthy! ”


“A great big thanks to you for working with me this past few months…..you had belief where I had none….you’re enthusiasm for what you do shone throughout our program….

I set out at beginning to trim some pounds for my daughters wedding…..I dropped a dress size! Wow and am still on track to drop another dress size…..So pleased I have more energy also for my grandchildren! Invigor8 Rock….woohoo!”

Therese M

“I had the opportunity to work with Mark for 12 weeks as my health coach. He helped me make changes I had been wanting to make for years. Mark is really an expert in his field. Anyone that gets to work with him will really be working with the best.”
April Kinder

“Mark Morrison coached me to use positive routines which I habituated to manage stress. His easy going demeanor and background with 20 plus years of exercise physiology experience uniquely improved my approach to stress awareness and overall well-being by utilizing experimental techniques. I recommend Mark Morrison for any conscientious achiever.” 
David K

“Mark is a GREAT coach! I’ve had coaches before, and although each one wanted me to succeed, no one seemed more invested in my personal AND fitness journey than Mark. He checks in with me daily, and even on some of my bad days, I look forward to working on myself with Mark’s guidance. I saw the value right away and have felt better about my fitness and body immediately. It has been challenging, but I don’t feel alone at all, and I know I’m in great hands. He even has helped me with focus on growth and positivity personally. So happy to recommend him to anyone thinking about setting goals for their health.”


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