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Invigor8 coaching brings the latest in sports science, combined with leading technology and coaching expertise to help endurance athletes train smarter and improve performance through data driven training programs incorporating individual physiological profile, metabolic and performance testing.

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I work with athletes of all abilities and ages to help them improve their performance through a science based analytical approach using the latest technology to measure oxygen consumption, energy expenditure, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds and metabolism. As an exercise physiologist and health and life coach I coach people over obstacles and help them to get crystal clear on their goals and motivating factors using proven health and life coaching strategies. I also work with people who have problems losing weight by measuring their individual metabolism and determining how many calories their body needs to lose weight each week. I design individual exercise training programs based on smart goals and hold clients accountable each week to ensure success.


“I began working with Invigor8 Coaching early in 2018 with the goal to build strength. My fitness journey had been going along nicely by setting and achieving goals in the past few years culminating in running the Chevron Houston Marathon in January. Mark was able to get me back on track by asking specific and targeted questions on what I wanted to achieve and accomplish next. Through the past several years, I had focused on running and endurance and really let my power and strength dissipate.

Mark took a strong interest in my goals and we set about a plan to achieve them. Over the next 12 weeks, I was able to see my lifts get bigger, my energy level increase and some of the mental constraints that I had subconsciously placed on myself disappear. For the first time in years, I found myself looking forward to going to the gym and seeing what I was truly capable of.

Invigor8 is not your average “coach”. There isn’t just the “Good Job” and “Atta Boys” that we all come to expect, but more of an analytical approach to fitness. Encouragement is part of the journey, but when you need to have numbers and analytics to motivate you, Invigor8 is a great step in your overall health journey!”

Mike Holterman

“Signing up with Mark as my health coach was the best thing I ever did!! He inspired and motivated me to be the best version of myself just when I needed it most. I was planning my wedding at the same time as looking after my two small children. Mark helped me to work out ways I could improve my fitness and wellbeing to get in to the best shape to be a bride! He also worked on relaxation techniques with me, which have proved so valuable in my daily life. Mark helped me to get a fresh perspective on how I do things. Mark has a wealth of knowledge in his field and always made me feel at ease. I feel like I can achieve anything with Mark as my coach guiding me through and helping me overcome any challenges or obstacles along the way. Thank you Mark! I had the dream wedding day and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Suzanne Lynch

“A great big thanks to you for working with me this past few months… had belief where I had none….you’re enthusiasm for what you do shone throughout our program….I set out at beginning to trim some pounds for my daughters wedding…..I dropped a dress size! Wow and am still on track to drop another dress size…..So pleased I have more energy also for my grandchildren! Invigor8 Rock….woohoo!”

Therese M

“I had the opportunity to work with Mark for 12 weeks as my health coach. He helped me make changes I had been wanting to make for years. Mark is really an expert in his field. Anyone that gets to work with him will really be working with the best.”

April Kinder

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