The LAST QUESTION PLEASE HELPThe position d of a block that is attached to a spring is given by the formula d=6cos(pi/2 t) where t is in seconds. What is the maximum distance of the block from its equilibrium position (the position at which d = 0)? Find the period of the motion.

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:Waves have the form:y = A sin (2Ο€/T x + Ο†) + Bwhere A is the amplitude (the distance from the center of the wave to the max or min),T is the period (time it takes for one cycle),Ο† is the phase shift (moves the wave left or right),and B is the offset (moves the wave up or down).This can also be written with cosine.Here, we have d = 6 cos(Ο€/2 t).The amplitude is A = 6, so the maximum distance from the equilibrium position is 6 units.The period is:2Ο€ / T = Ο€/2T = 4So the period is 4 seconds.