Sam ate 2 corn dogs and 5 caramel apples at the fair if corndogs cost $2.25 and caramel apples cost $0.95 cents a piece, what is the ratio of total cost of corn dogs to total cost of caramel apples? Write your answer in the form a:b, where a and b are whole numbers.

Accepted Solution

Answer:18/19Step-by-step explanation:we need to find total cost of corn dogs and total cost of caramel applescost of each corn dog * amount of corn dogs = total amount of corn dogs=> $2.25 * 2 = $4.5cost of each caramel apple * amount of caramel apple = total amount of caramel apple=> $.95 * 5 = $4.75total cost of corn dog                4.5--------------------------------          =   ------total cost of caramel apple        4.75multiply numerator and denominator by 100 to get rid of decimal450/475 simplify the fraction so it equals 18/19comment if you have questions