Have you ever wondered why your sneakers have an extra hole at the top?
Have you lost sleep wondering how these two little holes can help your weight loss? Well,
wonder no more because Illumiseen had recorded a video telling you all about them.

There’s no doubt that running can drastically speed up your weight loss and improve your cardiovascular health. It’s also been known to improve your mood, increase your libido, and
make you look hot in those short shorts of Summer.

But many new runners suffer from horrible blisters on one or both of their heels. After
watching this video, you’ll know how to avoid those painful blisters that can send you to the
couch with a box full of Krispy Kreme donuts.

Pretty cool trick, don’t you think?
Okay, so you have your new sneakers and you’re ready to start running. Now what? Here are
my five best tips for making your runs enjoyable:


1. Run with Your Favorite Tunes.
As a music aficionado, you had to know that music would be at the top of my list, right? Of course! No surprise there. Pick the tunes that really motivate you, inspire you, and keep you uplifted. Intentionally place your personal fight song halfway through your running track so it plays right when you need it most.
My running playlist is always changing and I keep adding more playlists to keep things fresh. I need something high energy with a driving beat that helps me to run faster. What will your start song be?


2. Track Your Run.
There are many apps available that allow you to track your distance and speed. My favorite is
Map My Run. It’s a great way to know where you’re going, see where you’ve been, and look at all the progress you have made in between.

Another way to track your distance and time is with the Apple Watch. They have different versions based on your budget and the features you desire. I just got one for my birthday thanks to my lovely wife. I know I’m late to the party as I feel that everyone has one now but I didn’t think I needed one. I can track my heart rate, calories burned and track my activity each day which keeps me motivated to keep moving. Winning!


3. Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon.
It’s tempting, especially as a new runner, to get out there and hit the pavement every day.
Don’t do it! Unless you want to guarantee injury, burnout, or both.
It doesn’t matter how great of shape you are in before starting to run, running uses a different combination of muscles than every other sport. If you build your mileage, time, duration, or frequency too quick, you’re looking for trouble.
Start slow so you can have a long and enjoyable running life ahead of you. Want more eating, training, and winning tips? If you’re ready to shed the weight that’s holding you back, then I’m here to help!

Click the link to grab your FREE coaching session.


4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
Your body needs water to thrive and it needs even more water if you’re running your butt off.
If you prefer carrying your own freshwater, then grab a bottle and go. If you don’t want to be bogged down then do your body good by planning your run around available drinking fountains.
Just be sure Fido isn’t seen slurping out of it before you do.


5. Join a Running Club or Grab a Buddy.
With full disclosure, I must tell you that I prefer to do most of my runs alone. Why? Because
it’s often the only time in my day where I can get away from the phone, emails, and all the
interruptions involved in being a successful entrepreneur. With that said, there are also mornings when I don’t want to get out of bed to run, and the only thing that gets me up at 5 am, especially in the frigid Houston winters (joking!), is my running partner.



Now you know how to tie your shoes and you have five great tips on getting started, CLICK
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