HIIT Training

As an Exercise Physiologist I have tried and tested hundreds of different types of workouts over the years on myself and my clients. HIIT workouts are my favorite type of workout to maximize your results in a fraction of the time most people spend in the gym to get similar results. With HIIT workouts you create what’s known as excess post exercise oxygen consumption EPOC also known as the Afterburn effect. EPOC helps burn more calories long after finishing your workout. This occurs when the quantity of oxygen consumed after exercise exceeds that of the pre-exercise level. HIIT training is the most effective type of training to trigger this response which means that your body will burn more calories for 24 to 48 hours after your workout. Even at rest!

HIIT 2 FIT E-book

Learn my training method that I used to get in the best shape of my life without spending hours in the gym or buying expensive equipment. In depth guide to HIIT workouts that covers what it is, benefits, common mistakes, HIIT for fat loss or muscle gain, best diet and supplements to complement HIIT.




HITT bundle includes HITT E-book, HITT checklist, HITT mindmap, metabolism booster E-book.




HITT online program includes HITT E-book, HITT checklist, HITT mindmap, metabolism booster E-book, meal plans, plus 16 HIIT training videos to workout from home with minimal equipment for 30 minutes or less. Save time and money buying equipment or paying a gym membership when you can get a better workout from the comfort of home using your own bodyweight and my training videos to get you in the best shape of your life in only 30 days.