Metabolic testing

Find out your individual resting metabolic rate and how many calories your body needs per day to lose weight as measured by an exercise physiologist using leading technology typically available to universities and hospitals. For accurate results it is recommended to be fasted and no vigorous physical activity at least 8 hours prior to the test. Test will take approx 20 minutes of your time.


The Ironman

VIP comprehensive package includes all services offered including 2x metabolic and physiological (VO2 & lactate) testing on bike and treadmill plus body fat analysis and heart rate training zones. 12 week program. Includes triathlon coaching with training program based on individual results plus weekly accountability via private facebook group and e-mail.


Health Coaching

90 Day Total body transformation health coaching program. Uncover what’s been stopping or slowing you down from losing weight and reaching your true potential. Learn techniques to change behavior, reduce stress, exercise and eat healthier via weekly one on ones with an exercise physiologist and health coach who will design an individual program for you and hold you accountable each week to ensure to reach your goals.


 Life Coaching

90 Day Total transformation life coaching program. Get clarity on your vision for creating the life of your dreams. Get unstuck, free of procrastination and moving closer to your goals in a way you haven’t done before with a coach in your corner to support you, hold you accountable and motivate you when you need it. Learn useful, practical tools and strategies you can use to ensure success and make positive habit changes that stick for good! 


Physiological Profiling for runners and cyclists

Utilizing an indoor trainer or treadmill we can do VO2 max testing, energy expenditure, heart rate training zones and lactate threshold to help endurance athletes train smarter by using data driven baseline results to design a training program and target weakpoints in training and measure progress over time.


Custom Fitness Plan

Answer some questions about your goals, current level of fitness and ability and you will get an individualized tailored program designed by an exercise physiologist who has worked with elite athletes and clients of all fitness levels and abilities. Includes accountability check in’s each week via e-mail