As many parents of teenagers can attest, teenagers can be the most difficult to parent at this time in their lives. A combination of exam stress, social anxiety, moodiness and relationship troubles not to mention raging hormones results in an emotional roller-coaster that makes life difficult for all involved. Sometimes they won’t listen to their parents no matter what and it takes a non-biased, non-judgmental approach to help support teenagers through this tough time.


I interviewed Renee Sullins, Founder, Renee Sullins Coaching, Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching to get an insight into why teenagers need life coaching.

Renee has over 13 years experience working with teens and college students to help them work through issues and to achieve success. In addition to coaching professionally, Renee also cofounded a nonprofit organization in Houston to help the underserved; she’s mentored close to 400 disadvantaged teens and college students; all as a volunteer.

Renee is a facilitator of positive change. In a solution-driven and nonjudgmental method of active listening and specific questioning techniques, she helps her clients make powerful, positive habit changes so they can transform their potential into their success to achieve their goals and dreams.

Renee works with teens, from 8th grade to Freshmen in college in her program: “Happy Teens Happy Parents”. Renee say’s “because as parents know, if your teen isn’t happy, you’re not happy!”

I asked Renee what were the most common problems faced by her clients?

Renee say’s, “There are so many challenges today in the lives of teens. Parents hire me because their teen is struggling with things such as: procrastination, stress, low self esteem, digestive issues due to stress, poor body image, inability to focus effectively, anxiety, poor sleep habits, poor eating habits, social anxiety, test anxiety; and many teens suffer from most of these to some degree. I work with quite a few clients who have ADD and ADHD; and some with Dysgraphia.”

Renee went on to say, “Coaching is a true collaboration; the coach and the client are part of a team. My technique and style of coaching intentionally draws out what is truly getting in the way of their success. Once we determine what that is, I train them how to empower themselves with actionable steps so they can to make the sustainable habit changes and mindset changes to be who they really want to be.”

I asked Renee what were the main benefits of working with her ?

Renee responded with, “Anyone who meets me, immediately sees that my passion is to help young people.  I use that passion in my coaching practice, and as a result, my clients trust me as a great listener, who cares deeply, and an all-in advocate for their happiness and success.”

In the next five years Renee plans to continue to have her one-on-one program for teens, a group coaching program for teens,  a program for elite athletes to improve performance.  Her dream is to have a nationwide privately funded coaching program that can be offered to those who cannot afford it – the underserved, disadvantaged teens. Renee knows that life coaching can change their lives in an indescribable way; breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Renee say’s, “I’ve seen it happen with mentoring, but coaching is like “mentoring on steroids, the results are transformational and fast”.

Renee say’s “I am happy that more and more people are starting to really take charge of their own health choices and there are so many options from which to choose. I love that you can find healthy choices now at numerous restaurants. Even small, independent grocery stores I notice are carrying more organic foods and gluten-free choices. The beauty of having a coach is that you know how to make those choices based on what is right for you, and you understand the ‘why’ behind it and have the confidence to follow through.”

On the topic of supplements Renee say’s, “I am not a health care provider, but if a parent would like suggestions on what I have found that works in my clients and in my own research, I will be happy to make those recommendations. I am a holistic coach, so addressing nutrition, exercise and sleep are always a part of my coaching program.”

“One of the main issues I see with society today is the fast pace, desire for a quick fix. Slowing down, as coaches like to say “stepping back” can be very powerful to see where you are stuck, why you feel the way you do, how you are spending your time and assessing the choices you make every day. Too many people, including teens, settle for ‘this is just how it is’ and take a pill, eat something unhealthy on the fly, or sadly ignore issues altogether. Life is to be enjoyed, savored… and we have that choice. Coaching opens the door for choices, for life-changing choices. That’s why I love what I do!” Renee exclaimed.

So for someone who is just starting out and has never experienced life coaching before Renee suggests contacting her for a complimentary consultation for the parent, and, a complimentary coaching session for their teen. This will give the teen a real-world experience of what coaching would be like for them, then they can make the choice if she’s a good fit or not. Parents of her clients are happy to share the success stories of their teens with those who are interested in coaching. 


You can contact Renee at her website or through social media using the links below.


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