I recently interviewed Brodie Sharpe who is a Physical Therapist and competitive runner to talk about how to run smarter and reduce your risk of injury. The interview transcript follows;


What type of clients do you work with?

Since 2012 I have been treating runners of all abilities. My online physiotherapy clinic has me seeing runners from all around the world. The majority of runners I see are passionate recreational runners.


What are the most common problems faced by your clients?

Persistent overuse injuries. Most of the runners I treat have already seen several health professionals for treatment without success or the pain returning a short time after. Their main goal is to return to previous activity levels. Here are some common problems the face:


·         Plantar fasciitis

·         High hamstring tendinopathy

·         ITB syndrome

·         Patellofemoral pain

·         Shin splints



What solutions do you provide?

Running technique analysis, injury diagnosis and correct education around injury management. I do provide strengthening programs, activity modification advice and proactive management plans to return to your performance goals.

Runners who sign up for an online appointment choose to work with me for 1 week or 1 month. That is 1 online consultation with unlimited follow-up, messaging, e-mailing, calling to make sure you are staying on track.



What would you suggest for someone who is just starting out and has never experienced your services before?

If you are a runner and you are injured, reach out to me first to see if online physiotherapy is right for you. We can assess your situation and explain what an online management plan might look like for your circumstances.


What are the main benefits of working with you?

You will have a therapist who has dedicated his entire career to treating only runners.

There is a lot of running misconceptions out there. A lot of people are misguided from asking advice from the wrong people and from health professionals who are not proficient in treating runners.

With me, you will have evidence-based treatment approaches tailored for long-term health outcomes, not a quick fix, short-term results.


Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years?

With the publication of my e-books, growth of my podcast & growth of the online course, this will create great world-wide exposure.

My mission is to help bring clarity & control back to ever injured runner and in 5 years I hope my reach has exceeded even my own expectations.


What area/topic are you excited about in your industry?

The beliefs that:

·         People get injured because they have flat feet

·         Running causes wear & tear of your joints

·         Stretching helps with injury prevention

Have all been debunked by emerging evidence and is very encouraging for runners. Getting these messages to people and addressing long held misconceptions is very exciting.


Any injury prevention or other related tips you would like to share?


Up to 80% of running injuries are due to TRAINING ERRORS. Which creates an acute change that exceeds your bodies ability to adapt. This might be increasing your mileage too rapidly, increasing your speed to quickly, changing your running technique suddenly or incorrectly transitioning shoe types.

My advice for injury prevention is to be patient. If you are changing these variables, allow your body time to adapt to changes. You will get stronger and become more resilient as a result.


Do you have any tips for endurance athletes such as triathletes or ultra distance runners?


Implement strength training into your routine if you haven’t done so already. A progressive S&C routine 2x per week will help your endurance. It helps your aerobic efficiency as you perform over long durations and also helps anaerobic performance (say during a mini-surge mid race).


Under the correct guidance, you can start with weighted calf raises, squats, lunges and deadlifts. Start at the 3x15max rep range and build up to 5×6-8max rep range as you get stronger.

Brodie recently created an online coaching course to help runners to run smarter and reduce their risk of injuries and manage current injuries better. You can learn more in the links below.

The online course is an avenue for me to teach athletes how to survive & thrive. Like I said above my mission is to provide clarity & control to every injured runner. I educate runners on technique, training errors, increasing performance, address common misconception & teach you how to overcome common running injuries. The course is a platform and a library I can create and update as new emerging evidence comes out, so all runners can stay up-to-date.


Brodie Sharpe. Physical Therapist and runner



Podcast: The Run Smarter Podcast

Online physio website: www.breakthroughrunning.physio

Online course: (affiliate link)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brodie.sharpe/