HIIT has gotten a lot of publicity recently. That’s probably because high-intensity interval
training burns more calories in fifteen minutes than an hour jogging on the treadmill. It boosts
your metabolism like nothing else and keeps you burning calories for hours.

HIIT is my kind of workout. It’s intense, fast-paced, and aggressive. That might not be you but
then again it might be.

Here are my favorite things about interval training:


No equipment: HIIT is super cost-efficient because all you need is some open space and your
own body weight. The focus is on getting your heart rate up fast and then recovering briefly
before you drive it back up again. High knees, plyometrics, running, or biking can all be part
of your high-intensity interval training. No equipment is necessary.



The beauty of choice: You choose what makes up your HIIT workout. If you feel like focussing
on running, go for it. You can interval train in an aerobics class or on a bike. You choose what
suits your mood and work your cardio in intervals to suit yourself.



Burns fat, not muscle: Cardio is often associated with muscle loss over time but HIIT uses
your body weight to train and allows you to build and preserve muscle while you drop
unwanted pounds and build cardiovascular health. That’s win-win-win.



Max your energy use: HIIT makes you work as hard as you can then take a little break then
work as hard as you can. By forcing your body to max out in intervals, you teach it how to use
energy most efficiently. And that means you can burn fat and calories in a shorter period of


Builds endurance: The way interval training pushes your body makes you stronger and builds
endurance. In one study, participants doubled the length of time they could bike at an even
pace after interval training for just eight weeks.



If you love to push yourself, HIIT could be the answer to finding your most satisfying workout.



In fact, I have created a HIIT workout with exercise videos to help you achieve a faster metabolism and get lean and strong. You don’t need any equipment and it can all be done at home using only your body weight. It’s very effective and has gotten great results for my clients that have completed the online program. You can learn more here.