WooHoo, Christmas is almost here! And if you’re anything like I used to be, the first thing you cut when you’re feeling time-pressured is exercise.

I don’t need to tell you all the reasons why exercise is important because if you’re reading this blog you already know them.

But here’s what you may forget … if you suddenly stop exercising because you get too busy, you have a 57% chance of not starting up again for a very long time. That’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to your weight loss plans for 2021.

Today is the last day of my 100 pushup challenge that I completed and never missed a day. The most pushup’s I’ve ever done at once was about 50 in my early 20’s but I managed 58 without stopping during this challenge and I reached my goal of 100 pushups so I’m very happy with that.


I wanted something that everybody could participate in and with Christmas, approaching I had an idea. That’s why I created the 12 Days of Fitmas routine – to keep you in the habit of exercising, even if it is very brief.

Just like the song, this routine is meant to be done every day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas.

You’ll add in moves each day as we get closer and closer to Christmas. For example, on day three you’ll do 3 biceps curls, 2 perfect pushups, and a 1-minute wall sit.

To make it more festive, play the 12 Days of Christmas song while you’re completing the day’s challenge.

We both know that this limited amount of exercise isn’t going to cause weight loss, but it will keep your healthy living goals at the forefront of your mind.



How to Participate in this Fitmas Challenge

1. Each day, beginning Wednesday, December 2nd, visit my Facebook page and look for the Fitmas graphic.

2. Immediately complete the day’s move(s) and post your completion. Why immediately?
Because let’s be honest, if you don’t do it right then, you probably won’t do it. Me, neither! Want bonus points? Then post a photo of you completing the day’s exercise!


3. Like, comment on and share the post with your friends. Why? Because as usual, there will be an amazing prize package awarded to a random participant who completes this challenge. Will that be you?


4. Join my Invigor8 Coaching Healthy Challengers Facebook group to participate in fun healthy challenges each month.

I look forward to seeing all your amazing Fitmas completion posts.